Life can be messy. Life can be painful and extremely hard.
But God comes to us where we are right now.
He does not wait until we have our act together. 

Sometimes we just need to talk, or ask a few questions, or a bit of a tune-up. 
Sometimes we need major help; someone to listen, pray, and compassionately open God's Word to shed light on our weightiest burdens. 

At TBC we are committed to trusting in the Word of God for all of life. We desire to bring both the love and truth of Jesus Christ to every situation, big or small. When it's hard to walk the path alone, we're here to help because we're all in this together. Our God has every hair on our heads numbered. For Him, there is nothing about us that He doesn't compassionately care about. There are no problems that are too big for Him to deal with, and none too small for Him to care for. His Word is sufficient for all of it. 

Our counseling staff is led by Pastor Steve Watkins and Mary Beth Smith, a certified ACBC Counselor. For more information, you can contact the office.