Jesus Through the Word: Numbers

Week Five: Numbers


Preparations to Leave—Numbers 1-10

From Sinai to Kadesh—Numbers 10-20

From Kadesh to Moab—Numbers 20-25

Preparations to Enter—Numbers 26-36


Numbering and Arrangement

Organizing the Tribes—Numbers 1-3

Organizing the Levites—Numbers 3-4

Feasts, Sacrifices, and Vows—Numbers 28-30

Promised Land Portions and Cities—Numbers 32-36


Complaint about Food—Numbers 11

Miriam and Aaron Oppose Moses—Numbers 12

The Spies and People Fear the Canaanites—Numbers 13-14

A Man Breaks the Sabbath—Numbers 15

Korah Rebels—Numbers 16

Moses Rebels—Numbers 20

Baal Worship—Numbers 25

Victories and Promises

Arad Defeated—Numbers 21

Sihon Defeated—Numbers 21

Og Defeated—Numbers 21

Promise of Balak’s Defeat and Judah’s Ascendency—Numbers 22-24

The Kings of Midian are Defeated—Numbers 31

Where is Jesus?

Unbroken Bones (Numbers 9:12—John 19:36)

The Rock was Christ (Numbers 20—1 Corinthians 10:4)

Fiery Serpent (Numbers 21—John 3:14-15, 12:32-33)

Balaam’s Star (Numbers 24:15-19—Revelation 22:16)

Joshua (Numbers 27:16-17—Mark 6:34)

What is this book about?

Not at all a stand-alone book, Numbers continues the story of Israel’s development as they transition from a nomadic people into a nation standing on the borders of the Promised Land, having been sustained by God despite their feckless rebellion. 

How does it point to Jesus?

Apart from faith in the Father, no man can see or understand the nature of deliverance, and outside of Christ our King, our General, our Morning Star, being lifted up and drawing all men to Himself, true faith in the Father is impossible. 

Joe Carlson