Jesus Through the Word: 2 Thessalonians

Week Forty Nine: 2 Thessalonians


  1. The Coming Judgment (1)

  2. Man of Lawlessness (2)

  3. The Scourge of Idleness (3)


Thanksgiving (1:1-4)

Judgment (1:5-12)

Man of Lawlessness (2:1-12)

Our Response (2:13-17)

Prayer (3:1-5)

The Value of Work (3:6-15)

Blessing (3:16-18)

Who is Jesus?

The Righteous Judge (1:7)

The Destroyer of Lawlessness (2:8)

Our Hope and Glory (2:14)

Faithful Defender (3:3)

The Blesser of Work (3:6, 12)

Lord of Peace (3:16)

What is this book about?

Paul is giving the saints at Thessalonica confidence to believe three things: 1) wickedness will be judged; 2) that the Lord will return; 3) He will give us strength to work and walk in Him until that day.

How does it point to Jesus?

Jesus is the righteous Judge and Deliverer who will come again and make all things new. We wait for Him, not idly, but with diligence, knowing that we are called to walk in good works.

Joe Carlson