Jesus Through the Word: 1 Timothy

Week Fifty: 1 Timothy


  1. False Teachers (1)

  2. Prayer (2)

  3. Church Leadership (3)

  4. Pastoral Responsibilities (4)

  5. Gospel Living (5)

  6. Teach and Fight (6)


False Teachers

Promoters of Myths, Endless Genealogies, and Speculations (1:3-4)

Vain Discussions (1:6)

Without Understanding (1:7)

Contrasted with Stewardship of the True Gospel (1:12-20)

Good Warfare (1:18)

Prayer (or Public Worship)

For All People (2:1)

For Kings and Officials (2:2)

So that… (2:2-4)

Christ as Mediator (2:5-6)

Paul (and Timothy) as Preacher (2:7)

Men Pray with Holiness (2:8)

Women, with Modesty and Submissiveness  (2:9-15)


Elders (3:1-7)

Deacons (3:8-13)

Deaconesses (3:11)

In the Household of God (3:14-16)

Pastoral Responsibility

Fight Gnosticism (4:1-5)

Train and Equip for Godliness (4:6-10)

Command and Teach (4:11-14)

Practice These Things (4:15-16)

Gospel Living

Shepherding (5:1-2)

Widows (5:3-16)

Elders (5:17-25)

Masters and Servants (6:1-2a)

Teach and Fight

Teach and Urge These Things (6:2b-10)

Pursue Righteousness (6:11)

Fight the Good Fight of Faith (6:12-16)

The Rich (6:17-19)

Guard (6:20-21)

Who is Jesus?

Giver of Strength (1:12)

Appointer of Servants (1:12)

Savior for Sinners (1:15)

Perfect Patience (1:16)

The Mediator (2:5)

The Source of Sound Teaching (6:3)

What is this book about?

Paul is instructing Timothy in how to walk faithfully as a young pastor/shepherd, giving him practical advice on how to manage the flock which has been entrusted to him.

How does it point to Jesus?

Pastors are under-shepherds of the Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, watching over a flock that belongs to the Lord. Therefore, all that we do (both as shepherds and as sheep) is centered around who Jesus is, and what He has done for us.

Joe Carlson