Jesus Through the Word: 1 Thessalonians

Week Forty Eight: 1 Thessalonians


  1. Thanksgiving (1)

  2. Encouragement (2-3)

  3. Instruction (4)

  4. Hope (5)



Blameless in Holiness (3:11-13)

The Will of God (4:3-8)

Sanctified Completely (5:23)


Night and Day (2:9)

With Your Own Hands (4:11-12)

Respect and Admonish (5:12-22)


Chosen (1:4)

Delivered (1:9-10)

Called (2:11-12)

Raised (4:14-17)

Saved (5:9-11)

Kept (5:24)

Who is Jesus?

Our Steadfast Hope (1:3)

Our Deliverer (1:10)

Our Example (2:14)

Our Increaser (3:12)

Our Establisher (3:13)

Our Salvation (5:9)

Our End (5:23)

What is this book about?

Paul is writing to the believers in Thessalonica to encourage to remain pure and upright, and to work diligently as unto the Lord, as they await the coming of Jesus.

How does it point to Jesus?

It is through abiding in Jesus that we are able to remain pure, that we are kept blameless, and to know the hope of so great a salvation as the one we have in Him.

Joe Carlson