Jesus Through the Word: Philippians

Week Forty Six: Philippians

The Gospel Life (1:1-2:11)
The Gospel Light (2:12-30)
In Christ Alone (3:1-4:1)
Therefore… (4:2-23)

The Gospel Life
His work (1:1-6)
Resulting in Affection… (1:7-12)
And the Advance of the Gospel (1:12-18a)
New Priorities (1:18b-26)
A Worthy Life… (1:27-30)
Made Possible by Jesus (2:1-11)

The Gospel Light
Working Out (2:12-18)
Examples of the Worthy Life (2:19-30)

In Christ Alone
Faith and Nothing Else (3:1-11)
But Faith that Is Alive (3:12-4:1)

Seek Unity (4:2-3)
Rejoice in Hardship (4:4-7)
Think and Practice (4:8-9)
True Contentment (4:10-13)
True Confidence (4:14-23)

Who is Jesus?
Author and Perfecter (1:6)
The Lifeblood of our Affection (1:8)
Righteousness Leading to Fruit (1:11)
Humble and Glorified (2:5-11)
Our Goal and Prize (3:14)
Our Savior and Transformer (3:20-21)
The Peace of God (4:7)
Our Sufficiency (4:19)

What is this book about?

Paul, from prison, encourages and gives thanks to the Philippians in response to the outpouring of their love to him; he does so by reminding them what a sold-out life looks like.

How does it point to Jesus?

Jesus is the true source of any growth in holiness and righteousness, for He works His own life into ours, so that we might live as citizens of Heaven, worthy of the gospel by which we have been saved.

Joe Carlson